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The AFI Purchasing & Procurement department purchases a large variety of engineered equipment, machinery, electrical materials and supplies, metals and additional industrial assets. We serve various industries throughout the U.S.

Below is a partial list of what we purchase.

aerospace_thumbnailAerospace & Defense




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exotic alloys, aircraft parts, engines, aerospace equipment, supplies and related materials.






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silos, balers, grain and feed systems, combines, loaders, excavators, tractors, backhoes, cultivators, plows, planter row units, augers/elevators/conveyors, sprayers, irrigation systems, sprinkler systems and related balance of equipment and materials.


Air Separation




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adsorption towers, air bumpers, compressors, vacuum pumps, valves, blowers, vents, chillers, heat exchangers, pipelines and related balance of plant equipment and materials.


chemical_thumbnail Chemical




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centrifuges, reactors, chillers, heat exchangers, columns, evaporators, filter presses, fractionators, package boilers, dispersers, mixers, processing units, turbines, HRSGs, condensers, pumps, valves, fabricated pipe, structural steel, compressors, electrical cable, Electric Motors, electrical commodities, cooling towers, fire protection systems & cabinets, tanks, vats, control systems, pipe supports and related balance of plant equipment and materials.

construction_thumbnailConstruction & Heavy Construction




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articulated trucks, asphalt pavers, backhoe loaders, cranes and crane accessories, cold planers, compact track and multi terrain loaders, compactors, draglines, drills, electric rope shovels, feller bunchers, forest machines, forwarders, harvesters, highwall miners, hydraulic excavators, hydraulic mining shovels, knuckle boom loaders, material handlers, motor graders, off-highway trucks, pipelayers, road reclaimers, skid steer loaders, skidders, surface mining belt systems, telehandlers, track loaders, track-type tractors, tunnel boring machines, underground mining belt systems, underground hard rock machinery, underground longwall systems, underground room & pillar systems, wheel dozers, wheel excavators, wheel loaders, wheel tractor-scrapers and related balance of equipment and machinery.

electrical_thumbnailElectrical Power




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electrical wire and cable, substation systems and equipment, transformers, electric motors, generators, compressors, drives, pumps, bus duct, bus plugs, motor control centers, MCC buckets and structure systems, safety switches, panel board switches, motor controls, switch gears, starters, disconnects, UPS machines and related balance of plant equipment and materials.

food_beverage_thumbnailFood & Beverage




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blanchers, centrifuges, dicers, dryers, evaporators, extruders, filters, fillers, chillers, heat exchangers, homogenizers, kettles, tanks, vats, mixers, pasteurizers, pulpers, screens, cookers, fryers, ovens, freezers, coolers, processing equipment, feeders, hoppers, dumpers, valves and related balance of plant equipment and materials.

general_thumbnailManufacturing & General Industries – OEM




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custom made manufacturing equipment, conveyor systems, feeders, assembly racks and systems, CNC and manual machining equipment, tungsten cutting tools, screw machines, wire EDM, grinders, stamping presses, hones, support equipment, Inspection equipment, laser cutting equipment, water cutting equipment, bending press brakes, punching machines, welding equipment and related balance of equipment and machinery.





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barges, diesel – gas – hydraulic engines,  all Gas – diesel – electrical – hydraulic and Steam marine type equipment, side thrusters, propellers, pitch propellers, windlass systems, winches, hoists, air cooling equipment, integrated control systems, marine steam turbines, boilers, compressors, tanks, pumps, generators, valves and related balance of marine equipment and machinery.





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all stainless steel equipment, hospital beds, hospital generators, hospital insulation lines, hospital power equipment, lights, medical gas equipment, monitors, patient transport, scales and weights, surgical instruments, surgical motor system, veterinary equipment, X ray equipment and related balance of hospital equipment and machinery.





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ferrous & non-ferrous metals, alloys & high temperature rated specialty alloys. We buy metals of all types and forms, including I-beam, flange, rope cable, rebar, pipe, sheet, plate, rod, bars, bar stock, and various additional forms.





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articulated trucks, belt systems, conveyor systems, draglines, drills, underground drills, electric rope shovels, rig hydraulics, shovels mining trucks, motor graders, off highway trucks, underground trucks, wheel tractor scrapers, motor graders, dozers, wheel loaders, underground loaders, rock flow system and related balance of equipment and machinery

oil_gas_thumbnailOil & Gas




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heat exchangers, pressure vessels, compressors, stainless steel and alloy tanks and vats, API pumps, valves, pipe, controls systems, structural steel, pipe supports, and related balance of plant equipment and materials.

power_generation_thumbnailPower Generation (Coal – Chemical – Gas)




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natural, nuclear, turbines, boilers, HRSGs, condensers, pumps, valves, fabricated pipe, structural steel, electrical cable, electrical commodities, cooling towers, fire protection Systems & Cabinets, tanks, control systems, pipe supports and related balance of plant equipment and materials.

pulp_paper_thumbnailPulp & Paper




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accumulating tables, bag machines, balers, blowers, boilers, calendars, cartoners, cleaners, coating equipment, columns, compressors, conveyors, corrugators, cyclones, deflakers, digester valves, digesters, dryers, dust collectors, embosser lines, evaporators, fillers, filters, fourdrinier, headboxes, heat exchangers and related balance of plant equipment and materials.

telecom_thumbnailTelecom-Data Communications




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antennas, coax cable, amplifiers, hardware and cable, tower structures, and related balance of equipment and materials.


Tire & Rubber




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mixers, extruders, mills, bolling 4-toll inverted L calendars, calendars, cold feed systems, silicones, slab sides, hydraulic press systems, tilt kneaders, tread extrusion lines, tire press machinery, uire Steelastic tire building machines, steelastic systems and related balance of plant equipment and materials.

transportation_thumbnailTransportation (Railway – Train Stations, Air Ports, & Sea Ports).




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Railway – Train Stations; whole Trains, rail cars, box Carts, shipping / cargo containers, railways, batteries & battery powered equipment, tamping machines, ballast graders, ballast clearing machines, formation rehabilitation equipment, self-discharging wagons, rail replacement trains, concrete sleeper layers, Cranes, Machines for renewing points and crossings, track replacement trains, rail shifting machines, rail-road excavators.

Air Ports; hangar equipment and tools, industrial batteries, commercial aircraft tugs, air cargo tractor trucks, MTT electric tow tractors, bob tails, loaders & loader transporters, passenger & catering trucks.

Sea Ports; barges, reachstackers, empty container handlers, yard cranes, ship to shore cranes, self-loading and unloading sideloader, forklift trucks, gas – diesel & electric motors, pumps, ship & vessel equipment, tie downs, yanks, props and related balance of equipment and machinery.





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wastewater treatment systems, civil materials, chemical feed systems, digesters, conveying systems, dryers, pumps, filtration systems, agitators, mixers, electrical controls, piping, and related balance of plant equipment and materials.



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