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Data Center Services

At All Fields Industrial we offer a variety of services to help you maintain your Data Center. Whether it be Data Center Decommissioning, Equipment Recycling, or Waste Disposal and Remediation, AFI can meet any of your Data Center needs. With strategic locations across the United States including Florida, North Carolina, California, New Jersey, Texas, and Illinois,  we can serve you in a prompt and responsive manner, regardless of your Data Center’s location.


Data Center Decommissioning 

With more than two decades in Asset Liquidation, Demolition, and recycling experience, AFI can help your company conserve finances by providing meaningful revenue for liquidated assets, while also disposing of, or recycling any hazardous or potentially harmful materials in an environmentally safe manner. Any Data Center ready for decommissioning will have a number of  valuable assets which can be resold in order to recoup costs. These include items such as UPS systems, AC and DC power equipment, Power Generators, HVAC equipment, Fire Suppression equipment, Servers, Computers, Data Cabinets, Raised Access Flooring, Cabling and  more. AFI uninstalls and dismantles these items for you, and provides cash on the spot.

AFI Can Help Provide Useful Revenue for your company.

Typically, a company with a data center to demolish may pay tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to have their facility decommissioned. However, with our asset recovery system, we are able to significantly reduce, and sometimes eliminate those unncessary costs. In many instances, businesses will actually receive a significant capital increase by working with All Fields Industrial

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