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Health & Safety

At All Fields Industrial, we believe that health and safety come first. Our main priority before any job or project is to continue to achieve zero impact to people, assets and the environment. We aim to have all of our client’s and our employees go home safely each day.

osha93We provide safety training to all employees on a continual basis. When an employee is first hired, he/she begins with Standard OSHA Guidelines & Regulations, In addition AFI employees attend annual training that includes going over demolition, expansion or decommissioning specific tasks that we experience, OSHA regulations as regards to our industry, AFI’s own safety standards and other particular situations that we may have experienced in that year.

Our Superintendents undergo additional training regarding their supervisory roles and responsibilities, Once assigned to a major project, AFI Employees go through additional training courses & meetings prior to the project start-up, to further understand and be fully prepared for each task to be completed according to projected plans.

We regularly conduct safety inspections and observations during each demolition, expansion, or decommissioning project we have.

If we find any type of hazard or dangerous work related error during the work process in any project, we Will Immediately halt the project in a trained and professional manner and will not continue any further development until the problem is fully resolved.

This is due to safety regulations and to avoid any accident(s).

We feel as a company that these procedures and programs are responsible in a large part for our exemplary safety record and hope you will  feel the same way during future projects together!


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